On-Demand Webinar

Building Durable Relationships in Higher Ed

Discover the strategies for using digital communications, personalization, and AI to improve higher education outcomes. 

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Today's college students are digital natives, with 99% of them owning a smartphone which they check over 80 times a day! This digital appetite demands a tech-driven engagement strategy from education institutions. Despite challenges like declining enrollment and stagnating graduation rates, there are proven strategies for building durable relationships with the next generation of students over digital channels.

Join this on-demand webinar featuring Jeff Eiden, Director of Product at Twilio.org, and learn how to:

  • Engage student and alumni through preferred channels to fuel stronger enrollment, retention, and satisfaction

  • Incorporate AI-powered interventions to support at-risk students or create personalized giving campaigns using data and predictive traits

  • Increase enrollment yields and lower acquisition costs with SMS nudges at critical recruitment stages

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