Community & Constituents

Provide resources and support at any scale

Connect communities and constituents with the support they need over SMS, WhatsApp, voice, email, video, and more.

Maximize outreach with modern digital engagement tools.

Ensure you’re ready to help when people turn to your organization for support. Increase your capacity to serve using relevant communication channels, automated conversation routing, and self-service bots.

Deliver support efficiently

From text messages and video chats to email and voice calls, digital communications have become central to the ways we live and work. At, the social impact division of Twilio, we've seen the incredible ways nonprofits use digital communications to engage their community and consitutents.  These organizations use text messaging so people can schedule appointments at their local food bank. They provide remote education using video. They deliver information on how to seek asylum to refugees over WhatsApp. Our 20,000 social impact customers use Twilio's cloud contact centers, chatbots, voice, and messaging technology to create positive impact at scale

Create meaningful community engagement

Communicate on people’s preferred channels

Enable people to access your services easily by communicating on the channels they use every day, like text messaging and phone calls.

Learn how Child Helpline International built a multichannel support line

Help with every call or text message

Deliver convenient support 24/7 with intelligent bots and automated phone systems, and escalate conversations to human support the moment that it’s needed.

Read how the International Rescue Committee provides help on demand

Deliver personalized experiences

Twilio integrates with your existing CRM and cloud services so your staff can communicate using relevant, real-time context each time.

Learn how Benefits Data Trust uses data science to improve agent support

Track and report program impact

Use built-in analytics and customizable dashboards to get insight into your program outcomes and team performance.

Learn how nonprofits are using contact centers to track real-time program outcomes

We’ve saved over half a million hours people would have spent waiting to get emergency food assistance by moving our notification and reservation system to Twilio.

Bryan Moran Director of DevOps, City Harvest

Reach the communities you serve using Twilio


Message people on their preferred channels, including text, WhatsApp, and web chat, no matter where they are in the world.

Learn about Twilio Messaging


Make phone calls globally, mask employee phone numbers, and use phone trees to automate routine tasks.

Learn about Twilio Voice

Contact Center

Provide help to people wherever they are, with an omnichannel cloud hotline that you customize for your exact needs.

Learn about Twilio Flex

The future of nonprofit program delivery

Learn how thousands of nonprofits use digital communciations to transform the way they deliver resources, connect with constituents, and accelerate their impact. 

No engineers on staff?
No problem. integration partners are trained on how to support social impact organizations in designing, launching, and scaling digital projects using Twilio products.