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Imagine what you could do with the tools to reach anyone, anywhere

Help students perform better in school with personalized messages and assignment reminders. Save lives with text guidance for treating an illness. Mobilize volunteers fast with streamlined text dispatching.

The right communications can change lives in a heartbeat, yet many nonprofits and social enterprises are only scratching the surface in efficiently reaching the people they serve. We provide the building blocks to help you redefine what’s possible in audience engagement.

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Organizations use Twilio to expand their impact and improve lives

One of more than 1,500 nonprofits and social enterprises using Twilio, CareMessage keeps communities healthy by reaching out to patients by text, the most effective communications method for underserved populations.

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Voices for Democracy

Voices for Democracy aims to strengthen our representative democracy by powering connections between people and their representatives.

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Trek Medics

The text-based Trek Medics platform saves lives by building critical emergency response networks in developing countries without a 911 calling infrastructure.

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Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line uses Twilio to connect people suffering from harmful thoughts, abuse, and addiction with counselors trained to help through SMS and Facebook Messenger.

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Here’s How Twilio Works 

Create new communications using your existing software

You use software to run your organization. Twilio uses the power of software to connect you to the people you serve in better ways. With the help of a software developer or partner, you can create web- and mobile-based communications as simple or as ambitious as you need using the latest text, voice, and video technologies. All without disrupting your current systems.

 Urban Refugees 

Build your own solution, or work with a partner

You can use Twilio in two primary ways. If you have a software developer on staff, you can build your own communications solution with the assistance of our quickstart guides, tutorials, open-source tools, and other resources. Or you can work with one of our partners, who can provide a prebuilt communications solution or build a solution for you. 

Pay as you go

Pay only for what you use, and scale up on demand. Twilio’s pricing is based on per-message and per-minute rates, so you can build, test, and deploy apps without making an expensive up-front investment or paying monthly licensing fees.

Try it out for free and see for yourself. Qualified nonprofits receive a $500 kickstarter credit—enough for roughly 80,000 U.S. text messages—and a 25% discount on Twilio pricing.


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Confirm eligibility as a nonprofit, B Corp, or social enterprise.

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Set up a Twilio account, and upgrade from a trial account.

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Once you’re approved, we’ll follow up with an email linking you to quick-start guides, code samples, and other resources to set you up for success.