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The Impact Fund deploys capital to nonprofits and social enterprises that accelerate positive change through innovative programs.

Do more good, with technology’s help.

Nonprofits often lack the budget to support technical builds. We believe that technology has the power to accelerate positive social change, and the Impact Fund provides grants and investments as fuel for our partners' digital transformation efforts.

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We provide grants to nonprofits and NGOs to expand access to transformative communications technology for social impact causes, with a focus on causes supporting displaced communities, climate action, and long term well-being. We also fund social impact accelerators and incubators that are solving some of society’s most pressing needs.


With our donor advised fund partner, ImpactAssets, we’ve built a 100% impact investment portfolio to invest in innovative, early-stage social enterprises, impact-driven funds, and other organizations leveraging technology to address social challenges.

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in grants & investments in 2023


nonprofit organizations funded in 2023

Grantee Spotlight

Digital Innovation Grants

Digital innovation doesn't happen on its own. Developers play a key role, yet only 1 in 4 nonprofits report having the developer talent that they need.

Through's Digital Innovation Grants, we've provided over $5M in funding to build the technical capacity of nonprofits across the world. Grants play a crucial role in ensuring technology serves the greater good and our Digital innovation Grants help address common nonprofit hurdles, such as lack of technical talent and fast, flexible funding.

With these funds, our grantees have already accelerated their work, such as hiring a director of Engineering, adding personalization to their follow-up communication, and providing real-time support during natural disasters.

Learn how our partners are building a digital-first culture at their nonprofits and share your contact information if you are interested in having your organization considered for future grant rounds.  Note: Grant funding is not contingent upon current or future Twilio product use.

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