S. Rahman Saed for Action Against Hunger

S. Rahman Saed for Action Against Hunger

Support people in crisis

Every second counts for a person in crisis. Whether you’re an organization helping refugees, LGBT youth, or the homeless, connect people with the help they need right when they need it using Programmable SMS and Voice. Because no one should fear falling through the cracks.

Respond fast

Connect people in crisis to the right person or resource at the right time with one- or two-way communications.

Be discreet

Support conversations in the channel that’s safe and private for your audience, so they aren’t at risk when reaching out.

Improve reporting

Use call and text volume, response rates, and other critical data to identify trends, improve programs, and demonstrate impact.

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line uses Twilio to connect people suffering from harmful thoughts, abuse, and addiction with counselors trained to help through SMS and Facebook Messenger.

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Using the phone code BeFree (233733), Polaris enables human trafficking victims to text for help without alerting their captors.

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Good Call

With one simple phone number, the free 24/7 Good Call hotline helps people who are arrested alert their loved ones and connect with a free lawyer.

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Build your own solution

If you or someone else at your organization is a software developer, you can get up and running with your first phone number and Twilio app in minutes with our quickstart guides, tutorials, help docs, open-source code, and other resources.

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Work with a partner

If you don’t want to build your own solutions with Twilio APIs, our partners provide prebuilt applications or can build custom solutions for you.

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