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What is the timeline for the crisis response grant round?

The application and review process for the 2019 crisis response grant round is as follows:

· August 7th, 2019: Call for statements of interest opens.
· August 30th, 2019: Deadline for receipt of statements of interest.
· September 13th, 2019: Selected organizations invited to submit grant proposal.
· October 4th, 2019: Deadline for receipt of grant proposals.

We will notify applicants of their status according to the following schedule:

· September 13th, 2019: Applicants notified of whether they’ve been selected to submit a formal grant proposal.
· November 2019: Applicants notified of whether they’ve been awarded a grant.

What size grants do you award?

Impact Fund grants range from $50,000-$150,000.

Will you accept grant proposals from organizations based outside the United States?

Yes, we accept grant proposals from organizations based anywhere in the world.

What is the Impact Fund?

The Impact Fund provides financial support through grants and investments to organizations that are generating impact aligned with’s mission to fuel communications that give hope, power, and freedom. The Impact Fund is supported as part of Twilio’s participation in the Pledge 1% initiative. Through this initiative, Twilio pledged 1% of company equity to fund for a period of 10 years. Through the Impact Fund, offers monetary grants to nonprofits and investments in social enterprises that are part of the customer community. Additional information on the Impact Fund is available here.

What types of organizations do you fund?

We are excited to fund organizations creating large system-wide change that leverages communications to fuel that change.

Examples include:

· Organizations that use innovative communication strategies to remove the friction (ie: cost, effort, time) for people to participate in their programs or to increase engagement for positive social change.

· Organizations that are building a new communications based project

· Organizations that use technology to address urgent communication needs like crisis response, supporter activation, and time-sensitive calls to action.

· See here for a current list of grantees and investment recipients.

Who administers distribution of grants?

The Impact Fund donor advised fund (DAF), housed by Tides Foundation, administers the Impact Fund.

What are your evaluation criteria?

We evaluate proposals using the following criteria:

· Communications are the cause of and the solution to many of the world’s problems. How does your organization leverage communications, in a technological and programmatic way, to solve big problems?

· Evidence that an Impact Fund grant will provide you the rocket fuel to leverage communications to accomplish your mission. For instance, increasing people using your service by 75% or bringing your pilot to 50 more countries.

· Demonstrated effort toward creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and board

· Alignment with mission (Fuel communications that give hope, power and freedom)

· Organization financial sustainability When possible, we prioritize funding for organizations working on core issue areas for — democracy, crisis support, community engagement, education, and healthcare.

How is your grants committee organized?

Our grants committee is comprised of Twilio employees and leadership.

What size and stage organizations do you fund?

We provide grants to organizations of any size, ranging from early stage small teams to large organizations operating in multiple countries.

Do you provide grants for ongoing operational expenses or capacity building?

We seek to fund specific projects. Should capacity building funds be needed to successfully implement the particular project you are applying for, then yes, capacity building expenses will be considered. No funds will be provided for standard operational budgets.

Is current Twilio product usage a prerequisite for Impact Fund eligibility?

No. We fund organizations who are currently using Twilio products as well as those who are just getting familiar with our products. We are committed to supporting organizations that will use our grant funding to leverage communications technology to effectively scale their efforts and better serve the communities they support.

I’m new to Twilio. How do I get started?

Sign up for a Twilio account. While you’re at it, sign up for the Impact Access program to receive your nonprofit benefits.

Where is my Twilio Account SID?

Your Account SID is located in your Twilio Console on the account dashboard.

Does the grant include access to any additional Twilio resources?

Absolutely! We like to call this the bear hug. If you have additional questions about Twilio products, new features, or have a business question, we’re happy to point you to an employee with expertise in that area. Twilio volunteers love to help support social impact organizations in meeting their goals.

Can we use grant funds to pay our Twilio bill?

No. Your grant funds may not be used to pay your Twilio bill. We encourage you to use the funding to support work related to building an app, programmatic support or other communications work, but do not use them to pay the bill directly.

Are there any other qualities you look for when evaluating grant proposals?

In addition to the aforementioned evaluation criteria, we look for organizational alignment with our company values, what we call the Twilio Magic. These values are core to Twilio, and we look to fund organizations that share our vision of creating a diverse, inclusive and healthy workplace for all.

If I am not selected for a grant in a given round, may I apply again in the future?

Yes. We invite interested organizations to apply for a grant each time we open a funding round.


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