This demo video is aimed at humanitarian aid and health organizations that want to digitize, scale and advance their mission using communications technology like SMS and WhatsApp.


DIY — In the demo, you’ll see no-code solutions to message communities at scale with health notifications, register patients for care over a chatbot, and drive personalized health recommendations for each member. You’ll learn how to deliver these messages via accessible digital channels including text messages, phone calls, WhatsApp chat, video calls, and emails.

Relatable example 
— The video tells the fictional story of Obi, a typical community healthcare worker in a remote area in Nigeria. She creates digital communications solutions to notify community leaders of her visits, build registration for the local NGO she works for, and provide health tips to the expecting mothers she supports. Follow Obi as she builds from scratch a digital engagement program for pregnant women using the Twilio Engagement Platform and other open source software.

Global reach 
— Twilio’s Engagement Platform is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world, including 15,000 nonprofit and healthcare organizations like yours.


Find out how you can:

  • Use digital communication channels and tools to multiply your reach

  • Scale and increase the effectiveness of your community programs

  • Improve health outcomes for the communities you serve

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