In 2020, healthcare providers spent $342.4 million on scheduling, a figure expected to increase to $690 million by 2027. Adapting to the new normal of hybrid care models requires leveraging the communication channels your patients already use every day. By embracing a multi-channel appointment management, you can boost patient satisfaction and achieve significant cost savings. 

As described in this e-book, finding a provider and scheduling appointments are the two most important characteristics for healthcare consumers. By eliminating long hold times, reducing no-show rates, and simplifying appointment scheduling, confirmation, and cancellation, you can enhance the patient experience and maximize revenue with Twilio communication APIs.

Discover the benefits of Twilio's platform, where appointment management extends beyond in-person visits to include comprehensive communication before, during, and after appointments. 

Read this e-book to:

  • Learn how to leverage Twilio communication APIs to create scalable, omnichannel experiences.

  • Discover the impact of efficient appointment management on patient satisfaction and revenue.

  • Uncover strategies to adapt to the new normal of hybrid care models while meeting evolving patient expectations.

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