Customer Acceleration Fund

Access up to $25,000 in technical expertise to extend the digital reach of your organization 

The 2022 State of Nonprofit Digital Engagement Report showed that nearly 90% of nonprofits report that digital communications like text messaging, chatbots, voice and video are critical to achieving their missions. Yet, when asked what the challenges are to adopting digital communications - the top two barriers cited are lack of technical talent and insufficient budget.'s Customer Acceleration Fund (CAF) helps nonprofits overcome these specific challenges. If selected, our funding is used to increase an organization's technical capacity through consultative services.

In the inaugural CAF, we are focusing on organizations recognized as 501 (c) (3) within the healthcare, education, and humanitarian aid sectors that want to work with and its network of 30+ technology partners to bring their digital initiatives to life.

Based on the use case, will select the technology partner and will make payments up to $25,000 USD to the technology partner to design and/or implement a solution for your organization's use case. 

As part of the Customer Acceleration Fund, honorees will:

  • Receive technical consulting services worth up to $25,000 USD

  • Be featured in a December 2024 Twilio blog as a Customer Acceleration Fund honoree

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