Twilio's 3rd Annual Impact Report

Twilio 2022 Impact and DEI Report

Connecting our product, capital, and people to advance our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) work

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For Twilio, what has always mattered is that as we build a generational company, we leave society better than we found it. This year, we’re celebrating a decade of leveraging our product, capital, and people to drive positive change in society.

Jeff Lawson (he/him), CEO & Co-Founder, Twilio

2022 social impact highlights


people reached worldwide by social impact organizations using Twilio products


provided in grants, donations, product credits, and discounts to social impact organizations


social impact organizations using Twilio products


hours volunteered by Twilio employees

Social impact spotlights 


Restoring choice and dignity in crisis

When war broke out in Ukraine in 2022, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) quickly took action, using Twilio technologies—including a Twilio-powered chatbot, SMS messaging, and WhatsApp systems—to help get cash into people’s hands fast, giving them the power to decide what they need to rebuild their lives. 

Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project

Removing digital barriers to community-oriented support

We launched the Digital Innovation Grant Initiative, providing flexible grant funding to 28 organizations prioritizing digital equity. One grantee, the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, is customizing digital communications for asylum seekers, providing them the information and support they need to find safety in the United States.

Helping low-income students succeed in school and beyond

To help increase access to opportunity, we’ve teamed with UPchieve, a leading edtech nonprofit providing free, online tutoring and college counseling to low-income high school students across the US. Twilions actively volunteer as academic coaches with UPchieve year-round. The platform also taps into the power of Twilio SendGrid to personalize interactions with volunteers, donors and students.

Our three social impact focus areas, Twilio’s social impact team, helps communities around the globe resiliently recover from crises and achieve equitable long-term wellbeing. We invest our product, capital, and people to focus on three key areas where we believe we can make the most positive difference.

Supporting people displaced by humanitarian crises

When people are displaced, effective digital engagement is critical to delivering rapid, life-affirming resources. Twilio’s technology has a unique ability to support displaced people in rebuilding their lives with dignity by helping them access resources and services that are right for them when so little is in their control.  

Advancing equitable long-term wellbeing 

At Twilio, we believe every person should have the tools, resources, and opportunity to thrive—and the stability and support needed to overcome unexpected hardships. Social impact organizations are using Twilio technology to break down systemic barriers in healthcare, education, and financial services that prevent people from living to their full potential—connecting people with the help they need, when they need it. 

Inspiring action on climate change

We are committed to building a more sustainable future. In addition to reducing our own impact on the environment, we are uniquely positioned to help people respond to, recover from, and mitigate climate-related events through our product, capital, and people.

We're proud to work with 15,000+ social impact organizations 

Empowering employees to be changemakers

Twilio supports and empowers employees to give and volunteer with year-round virtual and in-person opportunities. In 2022, our employees dedicated more than 7,600 hours to help build equity and opportunity around the world. We also continued our efforts to have other companies join us in our WePledge 1% movement. To date, nearly 40 companies, including Zoom, Asana, Box, and Headspace have joined the WePledge Accelerator community.

“Twilions around the world came together in different ways to show support for Ukraine, and I felt inspired to get involved. I helped organize an event for Twilions in Estonia to make camouflage nets to support Ukraine’s front lines and organized multiple events at the local food bank to support Ukrainian refugees.” - Enelin Kavak (she/her), Software Engineer, Twilio 

Twilions volunteering in Estonia

2022 diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) progress 


favorable survey score for anti-racism/anti-oppression/anti-bias workshops


events and activities led by Twilio’s Employee Resource Groups


average BetterUp coaching satisfaction score for Black and Latinx Twilions


leadership training opportunities for Twilions from underrepresented communities

To support my professional growth, Twilio coordinated my participation in McKinsey & Company’s Connected Leaders Academy. I gained insights and techniques on how to solve complex organizational and business challenges and develop effective strategies to address them in my work. 


Saran Sivashanmugam (he/him), Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering, Twilio

Our three DEI focus areas

At Twilio, we are committed to doing the long and difficult introspective work to better understand how we can build a more inclusive, representative workplace. That means taking a look at our organizational structures, policies, and practices to make sure we are giving all Twilions the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.

Leading through learning

Our journey to become a more inclusive and representative organization requires continuous learning in order to create lasting change. From the top down, Twilio leaders are asked to do the work to understand how to identify and root out bias in how we operate. We are committed to educating all employees on how they can help us build a Twilio where everyone has the ability to thrive.

Supporting our employee resource groups

Our nine Employee Resource Groups are an integral part of our DEI strategy, holding us accountable to our commitment to make Twilio a more inclusive and representative organization and challenging us to support the well-being and development of diverse communities across Twilio.

Reinforcing fair and equitable practices

In 2022, we continued the work to eliminate bias in our hiring decisions and to ensure we take the steps to have diverse representation of candidates at the onsite stage of the interview process. We also made sure that employees with the same job and location are paid fairly relative to one another, regardless of gender (globally) or race/ethnicity (US).

Using data to understand our global workforce

Data guides our strategy to ensure we are progressing towards long-lasting, systemic change. In the past, our employee demographic data was very US-centric, and self-identification of demographics in other countries was limited.

In 2022, we expanded selections globally for disability, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation for all Twilions through our voluntary self-ID campaign. We now have a more complete picture of how our employees identify and how we can support them across all regions.


A Twilion working in the SF office
Twilions together in the SF office

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