Our mission is to fuel communications that give hope, power, and freedom

We do this by making it easier, faster, and more affordable for organizations to connect with the people they serve. Twilio.org stands at the intersection of passionate social impact organizations, talented software developers, and the full power of the Twilio communications platform—the same platform used by innovators and disruptors like Airbnb and Netflix to reshape the future of business communications.

We believe that together these forces have the potential to similarly transform community engagement for nonprofits and social enterprises and accelerate change from a local to global scale.


Scale the impact of nonprofits and social enterprises

More than 1,000 nonprofits and social enterprises use Twilio, and we’ve seen firsthand how even the simplest communications solution can expand an organization’s impact in meaningful ways. We’re committed to helping many more nonprofits and social enterprises explore what’s possible by making our platform more accessible to qualified organizations through credits, discounts, and partnerships.

See what’s possible

 Code for America 

Unleash the potential of developers to code a better world

Many of the million-plus developers in the Twilio community want to use their skills to advance a cause but aren’t sure how to help. We connect these talented volunteer and employee developers with organizations that share their passions and need technical assistance, so that developers can put their skills to great use.

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Fund innovative uses of communications to create a better world

Twilio.org provides grants and investments each year to help organizations dramatically expand their impact through innovative communications technologies. With our investment partners and the volunteer contributions of our employees, we support nonprofits and social enterprises that are pushing a new way of thinking about communications and expanding the boundaries of what’s possible.

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