Pay only for what you use

Twilio’s pricing is based on per-message and per-minute rates. There’s no up-front investment or monthly licensing fees. Nonprofits and social enterprises that qualify for the Billion Messages for Good program receive:

  • A $500 kickstarter credit—enough for roughly 80,000 text messages
  • A 25% discount on Twilio pricing
  • Access to all Twilio resources, including tutorials, guides, and customer support

Your 25% discount includes SMS messaging, voice calls, client calls, recording, and premium support.


Short code and volume pricing

Short code messaging is included in your 25% discount. Nonprofit short code customers may also be eligible for a discount on the cost of the short code, but restrictions may apply. Contact your Twilio account manager to learn more.

If your product reaches volume pricing, your account will move from pricing to volume pricing. We will make sure you have an account manager to update your account and assist with your expanding needs.