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Engage your audience and raise awareness with text messaging through Upland Mobile Messaging.

“The Upland team is very responsive and very accessible. When I was getting my feet wet, they walked me through the steps and gave us ideas of what we could do.”

Meredith Begin, Food & Water Watch

With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can send text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns through a user friendly dashboard. Whether you’re growing your list or activating your supporters, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your community. Our best-in-class technology is open source and scalable, so we can support the needs of organizations of all sizes and support you as you grow.

As a proud partner of Twilio.org’s Impact Access Program, Upland Mobile Messaging offers discounted nonprofit pricing. Contact us to learn more.

“The Upland team is very responsive and very accessible. When I was getting my feet wet, they walked me through the steps and gave us ideas of what we could do.”

Meredith Begin, Food & Water Watch

Communication Goals

  • Support People in Crisis
  • Engage People and Communities
  • Drive People to Action
  • Fundraising


  • Programmable SMS
  • Programmable MMS
  • Programmable Voice
  • Facebook Messenger
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • CRM Integration

Upland Mobile Messaging Expertise


Upland Mobile Messaging has powered hundreds of advocacy campaigns across the country and connected millions of callers with their legislators to drive change at the local, state, and national levels. You can set up and launch a text or call-in campaign at a moment’s notice, and track its impact through usage reports and interactive graphs, to assess campaign performance over time.

Case Study: Using Upland Mobile Messaging, the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence launched a text campaign mobilizing supporters to call Congress that proved over 25 times more effective than a parallel email campaign.


Whether you want to launch a text-to-give campaign, provide a link to an online web form, or send an SMS reminder for people to respond with a pledge, messaging with Upland Mobile Messaging is a powerful and effective way to reach your supporters and increase donations.

Case Study: With Upland Mobile Messaging, Greenpeace deployed a mobile communications campaign that increased fundraising conversions 60% relative to non-mobile outreach.

Volunteer Management

From important reminders to real time updates and personal notes of appreciation, Upland Mobile Messaging allows you to reach your audience when it matters most. You can segment subscribers based on interests, location, historical actions, and more, to ensure you target the right group of people at the right time. With simple CRM synchronization, subscriber’s records are always up to date, and you can easily keep track of each user interaction.

Case Study: In 2014, the Sierra Club mobilized 2,500 supporters to rally against corporate money in politics with a single text message through Upland Mobile Messaging.

Voter Registration

Whether you are trying to register more voters, inform people of new voter ID laws, or simply drive voters to their designated polling place, Upland Mobile Messaging can help you reach constituents with the appropriate information. Create polls and surveys to learn more about your list, provide links to additional resources, and schedule reminders for upcoming deadlines to drive voter turnout.

Case Study: As part of its Vote For Your America voter engagement campaign, Univision Communications Inc. used sms messaging through Upland Mobile Messaging to help register over 200,000 people to vote.

Health Management

Text messaging enables you to efficiently and effectively reach underserved populations, provide vital health resources, encourage behavior change, and improve medication adherence. With a HIPAA compliant platform and knowledgeable mobile strategy team, Upland Mobile Messaging brings you the expertise to launch a successful automated health campaign and drive results at scale.

Case Study: With a text campaign through Upland Mobile Messaging to encourage people to receive a flu shot, the California Department of Health achieved a 33% conversion rate among participants.

Government and Public Services

With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can send text messages to help connect underserved populations with vital resources, schedule appointments and alerts in real-time, and keep citizens informed about local news. Our government and public services solutions are designed to help you deliver vital information in a timely and effective manner. Using industry standard security and encryption technology, we prevent sensitive data from being observed during transmission across networks, so you can focus on serving your community, securely.

Case Study: In its TXT-2-WORK campaign, the New York City Human Resources Administration has reached over 32,000 low-income residents over text message to provide job alerts and employment resources quickly and directly.

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