What is Twilio.org?
Twilio.org is the umbrella under which A Billion Messages for Good lives, providing nonprofits with discounted Twilio services to help those organizations reach their own goals and make a greater impact.
What is A Billion Messages for Good?
A Billion Messages for Good is an initiative of the communications API platform company Twilio. Our mission is to provide nonprofit organizations with communications technologies to help them reach their goals and further the impact of social good.
What services are included with the 25% discount?
  • SMS Messaging
  • Voice Calls
  • Client Calls
  • Recording
What services are NOT included with the 25% discount?
  • Phone number purchases
  • Premium support
  • Volume Pricing
Do you offer a discount on short codes?
The usage of messaging on a short code is included in the 25% discount. Nonprofit short code customers may also be eligible for a discount on the cost of the short code, but restrictions may apply. Let your Twilio account manager know that you are interested in learning more.
What happens when my product reaches volume pricing?
Your account will move from Twilio.org pricing to volume pricing. We will make sure you have an account manager to update your account and assist with your expanding needs.
How do I sign up for the Twilio.org program?
Sign up for a Twilio account and upgrade by purchasing a number. Apply with your company information and Account SID at twilio.org/apply.
What types of companies are eligible for the Twilio.org program?
US - 501c(3) qualified Non-profits
Canada - Charities registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency
Europe - See full list of qualifications per country on the eligibility page
Other countries? We review on case by case basis based on country qualifications. Please apply and provide documents in the application process.
What types of companies are not eligible for the Twilio.org program?
  • 501(c)4, 501(c)6, or non 501(c)3 organizations
  • Hospital and healthcare organizations offering direct patient care
  • Public sector and state organizations
  • Higher educational institutions
  • K-12 educational institutions
What if I'm a service provider who builds things for qualified nonprofits?
If you build solutions for qualified nonprofits you will have to submit an application for each nonprofit customer. This allows for each organization to benefit from the initial kickstart credits, and allows us to track individual organizations. The service provider should create a parent Twilio account and manage customers through subaccounts - now easy to do with multi-user.
What if my country qualifications are not listed on the eligibility page?
Apply and provide appropriate documentation. The team will follow up with more information about that specific country.
How long does it take to get approved?
After submission we’ll take 1-3 days to review, then another 48 hours to update your account. We will send an email update when their account has the updated pricing and kickstart credits.
Why do we have particular ‘areas of interest’ listed on the site? What does that mean?
Over the past year we’ve seen technology trends in the nonprofit space falling into four different buckets. We are aiming to invest more in these areas (technical resources, larger partnerships) and have an open call to connect directly with organizations that fall into these areas - this is not limited to these areas, all qualified organizations can and should apply for the program:
  • Civic Engagement
  • The Arts
  • Developing Regions
  • STEM Education
Is there a place where we can find updates and news about Twilio.org related news?
Read more on our blog and references are currently highlight on the main page of twilio.org.