Rapid Response Kit
Learn more about the open source Twilio-powered apps you can quickly build, deploy, or integrate voice and messaging apps. From emergency response to community organization, you can find the communications tools for any situation. Not a developer? View our non-coder’s guide.

This open source kit has a variety of ready-to-go apps including:

Organizer calls a Twilio number which sequentially calls a list of people until connecting organizer with the first available.

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Town Hall
Organizer calls a Twilio number which then dials a list of defined people. Individuals who pick up are dropped into a conference call.

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Volunteer SMS Broadcast
Send one-way communication blast to a group of numbers.

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Simple Helpline
Set up your own interactive voice response with the option for callers to press a number for information or to connect to a pre-determined agent.

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Projects in motion
Explore open source solutions from the community. Find simple but powerful apps to fully built solutions for emergency disaster relief.

Click-to-Call Over Wifi
When phone lines are down or over-burdened, use this web app to dial family on your computer. Used during the Boston Marathon tragedy.

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A place-based call-in system for gathering and sharing community feedback. See live at: Built by Code for America Fellows.

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Notifications around an emergency based on location, nested within Preparedly, a wildfire preventative app. Built by Code for America Fellows.

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Text Messaging Helpline
Allow those seeking help to send a text message to your helpline, which plugs into a CRM for contact management. Used by Polaris Project, who manages the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

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